Wednesday, March 12, 2014


KATIKATI ya mwaka jana iliyowahi kuchapishwa barua iliyoandikwa na kusainiwa na baadhi ya wafungwa wa dawa za kulevya waliopo China. Katika barua yao hiyo waliwataja baadhi ya wahusika na biashara hiyo waliopo nchini kwa majina yao na kumgusa mmoja wa Wabunge wa Tanzania, Mhe. Idd Azan ambaye alikanusha taarifa hiyo na kuapa yu tayari apigwe risasi hadharani kama atabainika anahusika.
Wakati hilo likiwa limesahulika, mfungwa mwingine ametuma barua akisisitiza kuwa Tanzania Bila Madawa ya Kulevya Inawezekana iwapo tu vigogo wahusika na biashara na mtandao huo watashughulikiwa kivipi?
Isome barua ya mfungwa huyo kama ilivyo;


I write this letter on behalf of the Drug Free Tanzania Movement (Tanzanian Prisoners in Hong Kong jails). Today I write to you inspired by Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe “One of the men of goodwill in our current government”, with his renowned dedication and strong determination to dismantle drug trafficking networks in our nation. I also write on behalf of all men of goodwill to whom beauty is truth and truth and who eyes the beauty of genuine Drug Free Tanzania is more precious than silver or gold or diamond. My fellow compatriots, drug trafficking is still a fact in Tanzania. We must keep on building the momentum, we must keep up our campaign until next national election in 2015. We must keep revealing all those who involves in this illicit trade (from civilian, businessmen/women, law enforcement personnel and politicians). We must keep on confronting drug trafficking in its hidden and subtle forms.

Brethren, I am mindful that democracy as defined by Abraham Lincoln “is the government of the people, for the people and by the people”, and I am also mindful that if democracy is to live in our nation, politicians and their associates who involves in this Evil trade must be wiped and out of the Tanzania Political Map. If democracy is to live in our nation, drug trade must die, because democracy is people’s power and we (people) are not unmindful that drug trade is the universal Evil and anyone who associates himself with this Evil is an agent of the Devil. And since the ripple effect of drugs to our community as well as the international community is incalculable, we must eliminate all devil agents and their associates and their family members in our political map.

Every attempt to end our campaign by intimidation, by encouraging fellow inmates to inform, by using death threats toward us and our loved ones further cemented our campaign and brought sympathy for our cause from men and women of goodwill all over the nation.

The great appeal for the nation appears to lie in the fact that we (Tanzanian inmates in HK jails – “The Victims of the illicit trade”) have decided to break our silences and pray that The Almighty God shall give us strength to remain committed to this cause though we may face death.

We dared to dream of a better day in the midst of our sufferings and the nightmare that surrounded us. We have unequivocally declared our hatred for this most colossal of all Evils and we have publicly name and shame our ex-paymasters “the Drug Barons” most of them top brass businessmen and women, politicians, their associates and even law enforcement personnel. We have condemned all crooked politicians regardless of their political parties since we are not politically affiliated with any party.

When we started our campaign most of our brethren they told us we wouldn’t get here. They told us we cannot stop even a single Tanzanian courier coming into Hong Kong, Macau and the Mainland China. But it is now week twenty six (26) not a single Tanzanian courier has been arrested for drug trafficking here in Hong Kong Airport. (What a record? It was hardly to pass a week without several arrests).

And there were those who said that we would get here only over their dead bodies. All the nation knows that we are here and we aren’t going to let nobody turn us around.

So I write you today with the conviction that the illicit trade is on its death bed in Tanzania and the only thing uncertain about is how costly the drug barons and their political backers will make the funeral.

My dear fellow compatriots. Listen! The battle is in our hands. The battle is in our hands in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and all over the United Republic of Tanzania. So let us be more than ever committed to this cause for better Tanzania. Let us march on the ballot boxes until all bad corrupted and drug related leaders disappear from the political arena. Let us march on the ballot boxes until those politician and their associates who has been barred from entering the United States for drug trafficking allegations and money laundering tremble away in silence.

Let us march on the ballot boxes, until we send to our Municipal councils and the House of parliament councilors and MP’s men and women who will not fear to do justice and walk humbly with their God.

Brethren, there are no broad highways to lead us easily and inevitably to quick solutions. We must keep going. We must be extremely vigilant with the drug enforcers and we must keep on spreading the news (about the dangers of trafficking drugs into HK, Macau and the Mainland China) to our fellow compatriots and we must keep on naming and shaming the Drug barons and their associates. And we shall not let anybody turn us around until we have a drug trafficking free society.

Your fellow compatriot languishing in Hong Kong jail.

Name: withheld Alias: Mckenga (TZA-Prisoner)

Date: 19-02-2014

Credit:Brother Danny

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